Canada’s Premier Science & Technology Online K-12 School

Toronto West Academy is Canada’s premier science and technology online K-12 school, helping students prepare for future success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and are determined to help youth around the world to achieve their full potential through the delivery of the best possible education using the highest quality teaching professionals that Canada has to offer.

Why Toronto West Academy?

Canadian courses delivered live around the world

By delivering our high-quality Canadian courses live to homes and the classrooms of foreign schools, we allow students to participate in highly interactive classes with global classmates, providing them access to class videos, assignments and have 1:1 time with the teacher from anywhere.

Courses that meet strict government regulations

Our courses are of the highest quality, meeting the strict guidelines set-out by the Ontario Ministry of Education, allowing students to earn a diploma from the Canadian province of Ontario, providing them with a competitive advantage when applying to global universities.

Access to top tier licensed Ontario teachers

We only use the best teachers for the delivery of our courses that are licensed by the Ontario College of Teachers and are experts in the delivery of online courses, ensuring the best experience for our students.

Enriched science and technology learning environment

With an enriched Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) environment, students are provided with the best foundation for future success in STEM careers. This includes a wide variety of STEM focused subjects to choose from, Science and Math Summer camps, plus student activity groups to reinforce STEM learning.

Flexible courses to fit any busy schedule

Our online classes are designed to allow students to learn at their own pace and to accommodate their busy schedules – regardless where in the world they are located. This includes both live and recorded lectures, online readings, assignments, group activities and even online testing. And students have up to ten months to complete any of our courses, affording them a great deal of flexibility with their busy academic lives.

Individualized university application assistance for each student

To ensure that our students have the best possible chance of getting accepted to their desired university, we offer each student individualized assistance with their university applications. This includes 1:1 time with our Guidance Counsellors to develop a career plan for our students, allowing them to pursue right institutions with compelling and complete applications.

Our Course Delivery Methods

Students enrolled in classes via one of our partner schools will have access to live classroom lectures from one of our licensed Ontario teachers, facilitated by a local classroom assistant. This delivery method allows students to complete classes locally in their native language, develop social skills amongst their peers and enables group work with both local and global classmates.

Students attending our classes via our online school will have access to prerecorded lectures and assignments that they can complete from home or any place of their choosing at a pace that suits their schedule. In addition, students will have access to 1:1 time with our licensed Ontario teachers via video conference and can participate in group work with global classmates.

Advantages for Students

  • We offer both live and prerecorded classes, providing students with the flexibility to learn from anywhere at their own pace.

  • We specialize in the delivery of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) academic disciplines, helping students achieve future success with careers in these areas.

  • We use only the highest quality licensed teachers that Ontario has to offer that are experts in the delivery of online classes.

  • Students get the opportunity to work with global classmates, providing them with valuable international experience.

  • Each student has access to 1:1 time with our licensed Ontario teachers for a personalized learning experience.

  • Students can learn from their home country under the care and guidance of their parents.

Some Quick Stats

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With Toronto West Academy, you get the flexibility to study from anywhere at your own pace.

Available to 195 countries around the globe, we provide students worldwide with the tools and quality instruction to achieve future success in STEM subjects.