Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) Classes

Toronto West Academy provides students with the opportunity to learn the Mandarin Chinese language through our comprehensive Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) program. This program is designed around the HSK testing methodology – an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency, which is broken down into six (6) distinct levels. Newcomers to the Chinese language will get started in HSK Level 1 and progress through each of the subsequent stages until they complete HSK Level 6, after which they will be deemed as fully fluent and able to master both oral and written communications. Upon completion of each of the classroom components of each level, students will be provided with the opportunity to complete the HSK examination so that they may proceed onto the next level.

Our CSL classes are offered either online or in person at one of our designated classrooms. To supplement the student’s learning and progress, we provide students with live scheduled Chinese conversation sessions moderated by a Chinese language professional so that students can practice their conversational Chinese with other students.

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Program Details

HSK Level 1 150 18 None
HSK Level 2 300 18 HSK Level 1
HSK Level 3 600 18 HSK Level 2
HSK Level 4 1,000 18 HSK Level 3
HSK Level 5 2,500 18 HSK Level 4
HSK Level 6 5,000+ 18 HSK Level 5

CSL Courses


Toronto West Academy can help you to acquire the Chinese skills you need for success.

By learning Chinese, students can prepare themselves for travels or doing business in China or other Mandarin speaking regions of the world.