Learn to Speak Chinese in Just 5 Months

Our Mandarin classes allow students to learn basic Mandarin skills in as little as 5 months.

With Mandarin being one of the fastest growing and most widely spoken language in the world, students with Mandarin skills will have more opportunities and be better positioned for the future. With our Mandarin classes, students get access to:

  • Online Classes allowing them to learn from anywhere
  • Flexible Class Schedules that allow them to learn at their own pace
  • High-Quality Instruction by licensed Mandarin teachers

In-person classes and individual tutoring also available.


“I love that it was broken down, making it so simple!”

Jasmine Wong, Student

“The environment was the best part, as it was very conducive to learning.”

Brett Nesbitt, Student

Why Learn to Speak Mandarin?

Benefit 1

Benefit 1

High Quality Instruction

We use only the best licensed Ontario teachers that are experts in the delivery of online courses, ensuring the best possible experience for our students.

Program Advantages

Path to Full Mandarin Fluency

Student Benefit

This program allows students to embark upon a path toward full Mandarin fluency.

Increase Culture Awareness

Student Benefit

Students can learn more about Chinese culture and traditions.

Licensed Mandarin Instructors

Student Benefit

Provides students with the best quality instruction available.

Our Mandarin Chinese language program is designed around the HSK testing methodology – an international standardized exam that tests and rates Mandarin Chinese language proficiency, which is broken down into six (6) distinct levels. Newcomers to the Mandarin Chinese language will get started in HSK Level 1 and progress through each of the subsequent stages until they complete HSK Level 6, after which they will be deemed as fully fluent and able to master both oral and written communications.

Upon completion of each of the classroom components of each level, students will be provided with the opportunity to complete the HSK examination so that they may proceed onto the next level.

HSK Level 1 150 18 None
HSK Level 2 300 18 HSK Level 1
HSK Level 3 600 18 HSK Level 2
HSK Level 4 1,000 18 HSK Level 3
HSK Level 5 2,500 18 HSK Level 4
HSK Level 6 5,000+ 18 HSK Level 5

Speak Mandarin in Only 6 Months

With our Mandarin Chinese language program, students can learn the basics of the Mandarin Chinese language in as little as 6 months, allowing them to recognize characters and carry on basic conversations. This is perfect for anyone planning to travel or work in China, as well as for children that are interested participating with international exchange programs in a Mandarin Chinese speaking country.

Increased Cultural Awareness

During our Mandarin Chinese classes, students will also learn about Chinese culture, including commonly observed customs and traditions. This can be especially helpful for students that are planning to travel to China for work, exchange programs or to conduct business.

Class Schedule

Classes will be held in our downtown Toronto office located at 77 Bloor Street West.

HSK Level 1 Sunday 9:00am – 10:30am
HSK Level 2 Sunday 10:30am – 12:00pm
HSK Level 3 Sunday 12:30pm – 2:00pm
HSK Level 4 Sunday 2:00pm – 3:30pm
HSK Level 5 Sunday 3:30pm – 5:00pm
HSK Level 6 Sunday 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Meet The Instructor

Erin Kim
Erin KimMandarin Academic Manager
Vicki Liu
Vicki LiuMandarin Instructor

With over 15 years of combined teaching experience, our Mandarin instructors are experts in the field of language and cultural instruction. Being both from China, they can provide our students with insights and first-hand knowledge on all aspects of life in China, thus preparing students that are planning to work, participate with exchange programs or plan to do business in China.

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