Leadership Development Program

Get a competitive edge when applying to top universities

To help our students develop as leaders in preparation for studies at top universities and future careers, Toronto West Academy offers a Leadership Development program. This program is exclusively available to Toronto West Academy students as part of our University Preparation program. The Leadership Development program provides students with invaluable leadership coaching and help them to develop their:
  • Presentation development and delivery skills

  • Public speaking skills
  • Interview skills
  • Personal Brand for success, including their professional profile and resume

Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

With the importance of communication in the workplace or working with teams, being able to put together clear and impactful presentations and deliver them is one skill that every leader needs to acquire. We teach our students the best practices for both writing and delivering persuasive presentations, which will better prepare students to gain admission to top universities, help them to excel in their chosen program of study and prepare them for success in their future career.

Also, being able to speak to an audience is another leadership skill that is highly valued in today’s workplace. As such, we teach our students the best practices of public speaking and give them the opportunity to hone their skills. This will help them to speak with confidence – both in university and in their future careers.

Interview Preparation

Admission to top universities usually requires a personal interview – whether in-person or by video conference. By coaching our students on proper interview techniques, we help them increase their chances of success. To help them prepare, we coach students on:

  • What types of questions to expect
  • How to properly answer questions, especially difficult ones
  • Proper posture and awareness of their body language
  • 1:1 mock interviews to help students practice refining their interviewing skills

By learning proper interviewing skills, students are better prepared when it comes time for interviews for co-op placement, which is common for most university programs, or for their first job. Also, learning these skills early will provide students with a competitive advantage over other applicants, helping them to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

Professional Profile & Resume

A key part of developing the student’s Personal Brand is by helping them to establish their Professional Profile. This helps the student to highlight their skills, accomplishments, academic pedigree and leadership experience to top universities and future employers. Another key part of developing the student’s Personal Brand is by helping them to establish their resume. This includes coaching them on how to properly highlight their skills, accomplishments, academic pedigree and leadership experience.

We coach our students on how to create an impactful and complete Professional Profile, as well as resumes that get attention, helping them to stand out an increasing competitive academic and professional world.

Leadership Development Plan

We help our students develop a Personal Leadership Development Plan. This is a roadmap to success for students, helping them to:

  • Identify leadership development opportunities for self-improvement
  • Set goals for themselves
  • Develop an action plan to achieve these goals within a specified time frame

Annual reviews are available to ensure that students remain on track and are achieving their goals and milestones.


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