Global Partnerships

Toronto West Academy is looking to form partnerships with both domestic Canadian and foreign schools that are looking to have high quality classes delivered live to their classrooms by top-tier licensed Ontario teachers.

As part of our partnership program, Toronto West Academy will deliver its high-quality classes live via the Internet to schools around the world during any time of the day or night to accommodate the needs of students and scheduling requirements of our partner schools. This will allow the students of foreign schools to simultaneously receive dual high school diplomas from both their local country and one from the Ontario Ministry of Education. This also offers our partner schools the ability to offer a variety of high-quality, English-based courses to their students in a variety of subjects, including over 25 STEM focused courses.

Depending on their grade level, students may only need to take as few as four (4) courses from Toronto West Academy to receive a diploma from the Ontario Ministry of Education. For foreign students looking to apply to universities in Ontario, they will need to complete at least six (6) credits from Toronto West Academy in order to apply to these universities.

Advantages for Students

Access to Global Universities

Student Benefit

With a diploma issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education, students gain an advantage when applying to global universities.

Remain in Their Home Country

Student Benefit

Our online classes allow students learn in their home country under the care & guidance of their parents.

Significant Cost Savings

Student Benefit

Significant cost savings for parents of up to 80% as compared to physically studying in Canada.

Access to Opportunities

Student Benefit

Students get access to opportunities allowing them to earn recognized achievement and improve their English abilities.

Prepared for Life Abroad

Student Benefit

Being taught by Canadian teachers will prepare them for life in North America, both academically and culturally.

International Experience

Student Benefit

Provides students with international experience in working with global classmates on group assignments.

Advantages for Partner Schools

Increased Student Enrollment

Partner School Benefit

By partnering with Toronto West Academy, partner schools will have the opportunity for increased student enrollment.

Increased Revenue

Partner School Benefit

Opportunity for increased revenues associated with the delivery of high quality Canadian courses.

No English Teachers to Recruit

Partner School Benefit

With Toronto West Academy delivering the classes, partner schools can eliminate the need to recruit and retain English speaking teachers.

Our Partners

Transitions College

The Ajax Riding Academy


Leverage Canada's premier online science and technology secondary school to help your students.

Toronto West Academy can help your students to reach their full potential, while at the same time, helping your school to increase student enrollment, increase revenues and eliminate the need to recruit and retain English speaking teachers.