Improve Grades & Language Skills Online This Summer

With our online Summer School program, students can improve their high school grades and language skills during their summer holiday.

Offered in July and August, our online Summer School program helps students in Grades 9 – 12 get the quality science, technology and language instruction they need through:

  • Online Classes that allow students to study from anywhere

  • Scheduled and Self-Directed Classes, allowing students to learn at their own pace

  • High-Quality Instruction by licensed Ontario teachers

Program Dates: July 3 – August 31, 2018
Deadline to Register: July 2, 2018


Why Choose Our Online Summer School Program?

Study from Anywhere

Who wants to sit in a hot and stuffy classroom in the summer to take classes? With our online classes, the classroom can be at home, the cottage or wherever you want to be!

Designed for Success

Not all students learn the same way, so by having flexible class types, we are better able to accommodate the individual learning styles of our students, thereby helping them to achieve success.

High-Quality Instruction

We use only the best licensed Ontario teachers that are experts in the delivery of online courses, ensuring the best possible experience for our students.

Flexible Online Class Types

Toronto West Academy offers two types of online classes for its online Summer School – Scheduled & Self-Directed.

Scheduled Classes are completed entirely online, however, they have predefined class dates, typically 2x or 3x per week in which the teacher will provide live video instruction to the entire class. While attendance for the live online class lectures is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for the students to fully benefit from the course. Students that are not able to attend classes will be able to watch the recorded class video that will be uploaded to the course website following the lecture. In addition, there will be due dates for all assignments and tests, which will be submitted to the teacher via the course website. A complete Course Outline for each course offered will be provided to the student. Finally, students will have access to personal 1:1 time with their teacher on a scheduled basis.

Self-Directed Classes are also completely done online, however, there are no defined class dates or due dates for assignments or tests, thereby allowing the student to work completely at their own pace. All course lectures will be available as prerecorded video in the course website. Also, students will have access to personal 1:1 time with their teacher on a scheduled basis.

Licensed Ontario Teachers
Online Course Material
Online Assignments
Online Quizzes and Mid-Term Exams
 Scheduled 1:1 Teacher Interaction
 Weekly Online Classes
 Live Video Classes
 Preset Class & Assessment Schedule
 Price $679 (Domestic) $579 (Domestic)
Best Suited For Remediation Students
ESL Students
Reach Ahead Students
Working Students

Available Online Summer School Programs

Let us help you get the grades & language skills you need this summer to achieve your goals.