Program Overview

Toronto West Academy provides its students with the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by encouraging them to participate in Summer Camps offered by the University of Toronto at its downtown Toronto campus. These Summar Camps are available for a range of subjects, including English, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Medicine and Law with each ranging in durations from one week to up to four weeks, depending on the specific program.

Following each of these programs, students will be provided with a one-week orientation for life in Canada that will include day exclusions around the greater Toronto area and to Montreal as well. Not only do these provide the opportunity for students to enjoy the benefits of summer in Toronto, they also provide important cultural experience for students planning to study at universities in Canada or the United States.

About the University of Toronto

Ranked as the top Canadian university and in the top 10 of publicly funded universities worldwide, the University of Toronto is well known worldwide for its research and innovative programs and has even ranked #1 in Canada for research-based startups. With campuses in Mississauga, Scarborough, and downtown Toronto, the University of Toronto is also Canada’s largest university with over 80,000 total students. By attending Summer Camps at the University of Toronto, students can:

  • Improve their overall English fluency

  • Better prepare themselves for their post secondary education

  • Gain valuable culture exposure to life in North America

Available Camps

Science Camp

Math Camps

English Camp

Engineering Camps

Medicine Camp

Law Camp

Camp Schedule

Math Academy Mathematics 9 – 12 August February 4th
DEEP Summer Academy Engineering 9 – 12 July & August March 18th
DEEP Leadership Camp Engineering 10 – 12 July March 18th
Leadership Retreat Engineering 7 – 9 July & August March 18th
Science Unlimited Camp Science 10 – 11 August March 31st
International English Program English 6 – 12 July & August Open until camp is full
Medicine Youth Summer Program Medicine 10 – 11 July & August Open until camp is full
Law Youth Summer Program Law 10 – 12 July & August Open until camp is full

Post Camp Activities

Toronto Beaches

Niagara Falls

Canada’s Wonderland

Horseback Riding

University of Toronto

Art Gallery of Ontario




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