Summer School Program

Complete High School Classes in as Little as 30 Days!

Toronto West Academy provides students with the ability to take online classes to gain additional credits toward their high school diploma or retake classes to improve their grades for university through our Summer School program. While traditional summer school programs are only offered in July and August, our Summer School program is available all year long and is intended to provide students with maximum flexibility to get the grades and credits they need in as little as 30 days. With our online courses, students get the freedom to:

  • Study from any place with an Internet connection

  • Complete courses at their own pace

  • Access 1:1 time with their teacher as needed

Popular Subjects


Improve your communication and literary skills.


Improve your understanding of the physical word around us.


Improve your skills with calculus and functions.


Improve your understanding of the structure of matter.


Improve your understanding of the living world around us.


Improve your understanding of business concepts.

CDN & World Studies

Learn about Canadian and international issues.


Improve your English speaking and comprehension skills.

Study from Anywhere

Who wants to sit in a hot and stuffy classroom in the summer to take classes? With Toronto West Academy, our classroom is wherever you are – at home, at the cottage, in the park, at the beach or wherever you want to be! With our online courses, students can complete the class material from anywhere by simply logging in to our online school and completing the required coursework for each of their enrolled courses. And if they need help, our teachers are available for 1:1 sessions to ensure that students have the help they need when they need it.

To complete our online courses, all students need is a computing device, such as a laptop computer or tablet, plus a reliable Internet connection. If they have all of these, they are good to go and can get started with our courses right away.

Classes Designed to Fit Any Schedule

Not only can students complete our classes from anywhere, but they can also do so at a pace that fits their schedule. From the time of enrollment, students will have up to 10 months complete any course. This affords them the flexibility to work during the summer months and finish their summer classes in their spare time during the evenings or weekends or for students that have the time to dedicate solely to completing the courses as soon as possible, they can do so in as little as one month. Either way, our classes provide students with maximum flexibility to get the courses they require on a schedule that suits their individual needs.

Popular Summer School Courses

Parent/guardian(s) and students should consult with their day school guidance counsellor regarding course selections and prerequisite courses.


A flexible Summer School program to fit the needs of busy students.

Toronto West Academy Summer School program is designed to fit the needs of busy students, allowing them to take the courses from anywhere on a flexible schedule.