Our Tutoring Services

Toronto West Academy makes available its professional high school tutoring services to students around the globe to help them reach their full potential. Tutoring is available for any of the courses that we offer and is delivered by one of our many subject matter experts that are vetted by our team to ensure that our students get the best possible instruction.

Tutoring sessions are available for both personal one-on-one sessions and also, for group sessions, allowing for collaborative learning. By providing two types of tutoring sessions, we allow our students to choose the tutoring method that works best for them and their learning style.

The delivery of the tutoring sessions can be done both online and in-person at our office in the downtown Toronto area. For online tutoring sessions, the students can participate in the tutoring session from the comfort and convenience of their own home – either for a one-on-one session or as part of a group. Likewise, for students that prefer to be in the presence of their tutor, they can participate in a tutoring session at our downtown office in Toronto.

Popular Tutoring Subjects

  • Language – English

  • Language – French

  • Language – Mandarin Chinese

  • Mathematics – Algebra

  • Mathematics – Calculus

  • Mathematics – Trigonometry

  • Science – Physics

  • Science – Chemistry

  • Science – Biology


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