University Application Assistance Program

Get a competitive edge when applying to top universities

Toronto West Academy provides its student with assistance in completing their university applications. This ensures that they have complete and compelling applications to increase their chances of getting accepted by top universities – both in Canada and around the globe.

Features of this program include:

  • A personal interview with one of our Guidance Counsellors

  • The development of an individual Career Plan with strategies to achieve your career goals

  • Application package and essay review to ensure your essay is complete and impactful

  • A Leadership Development option is available for students seeking admission to top universities

Personal Interview

To start their university application process, each student is provided with a personal interview with one of our professional Guidance Counsellors. This helps our team understand the student’s skills, goals, interests and career aspirations. From this, we develop a Career Plan for the student, which will outline a strategic roadmap for them to reach career objectives.

The personal interview typically takes one hour to complete and is done online via a video call with the student’s Guidance Counsellor. For students in the Toronto area, in-person interviews can be arranged at our downtown Toronto office location.

Individual Career Plan

Following the personal interview with one of our Guidance Counsellors, each student will be provided with an individual Career Plan, which outlines a personalized roadmap for the student to achieve their career goals, including:

  • University recommendations
  • Program recommendations
  • Recommended strategies for success

Should the student require it, annual reviews are available to ensure that the student remains on track with their Career Plan and are achieving their goals and milestones outlined in it.

Application Review

To help our students increase their likelihood of getting accepted with top universities, our team of professional Guidance Counsellors will review the student’s university applications to ensure that they are complete and compelling. This will include highlight pertinent aspects of the students’ skills, interests, accomplishments and achievements, academic pedigree and leadership experience to make them stand out from the other applicants. In addition, our team will review the language and grammar used in the application to ensure that the students’ responses are clear, proper and impactful for the reader.


Let us help you kick-start your career by getting into a top university.

Toronto West Academy has the experience to help you craft complete and compelling applications that will get you accepted by top universities.